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"I had numbness in my left leg and pain in my left hip since 2009. After two back surgeries I still had the pain. After 12 visits to Dr. Maillette the pain has been reduced about 60%."  

My recovery from a car accident seven months ago has been a long, slow, challenging, pain filled road. With just one chiropractic treatment to my ankle I immediately felt some relief to the pain and notice a greater range of motion which helps to lessen my limp. Thank you, Dr. Maillette!

"I've always been a firm believer in chiropractic care but recently I needed some serious help. A combination of adjustments with Dr. Maillette and massage therapy with Christine has significantly improved numbness in my hands, back and neck pain, and I've even eliminated some medication that I took for years. Maillette Chiropractic rocks!"

Thanks Dr. Maillette...without the pain relief you gave to my shoulder I wouldn't be able to continue with my current goals!!! Feeling wonderful!!

Huge thanks to Dr. Maillette for recommending that I try an herbal supplement instead of the ineffective medicine I have been on for years. I was skeptical at first I admit, but it has worked flawlessly! I am incredibly impressed with the well rounded care you guys provide.