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We want to make you feel comfortable and at home when you visit Maillette Family Chiropractic. We have created an environment that is warm, welcoming and full of positive energy. You’ll notice that your experience at our office will not be your typical doctor’s office visit. Realizing that you’re very busy, we work to keep to our schedule, caring for you promptly while making sure you get the best chiropractic care possible.

On your first visit you can expect to meet our friendly front desk assistant who will show you around our office. You’ll meet the doctor and receive a thorough consultation including a comprehensive case history review, complete chiropractic exam and digital images of your spine, if necessary. During your exam we use several methods in order to identify the problem.

The doctor will take a closer look at the findings and produce a care schedule for your specific needs. You’ll revisit the office to review these results with the doctor and he will give his recommendations. Should your analysis indicate that you would benefit from chiropractic care, you will receive your first adjustment. Spinal adjustments will help restore normal neurological function, addressing your health concerns and allowing your body heal.

We hope this sets your mind at ease; especially if this is your first visit to a chiropractic office, or you are contemplating chiropractic care. We look forward to meeting you and helping you toward relief and better health.

To make an appointment please call 989.667.9700, or click here to receive a phone call from our staff on how chiropractic can benefit your specific needs.