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My generation grew up thinking Chiropractors were not doctors and they didn’t know anything. I was injured and received excellent care and consideration for my whole person. I definitely had a total change of opinion.

I really didn’t understand why my mom brought me to see Dr. Maillette at first. I had no energy, back pain and a hard time sleeping. I thought, what does a chiropractor have to do with energy and sleeping, let alone my back pain?

Over the course of the past year, I had several ribs pop out of place. After 8 visits to my medical doctor, she informed me the only thing she could do is have me keep coming back to pop my ribs back into place.

I had constant back spasms, sciatic pain in both legs, jaw and tooth pain. I could not stand straight or walk hardly, definitely a 9 or 10 on a pain scale of 10 being the worst. My foot was numb…I was a mess.

My body had become an alien to me. I had been compensating for injuries causing further damage. My symptoms were sleeplessness, fatigue and impaired circulation.