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Emma's Success Story

Emma came to us with severe constipation. She is a beautiful little 4 year old girl that has been dealing with this for 2 years. She has been to her family doctor, U of M and other specialists. She has been on an array of drugs that have not solved the problem and have only temporarily relieved her pain. She's had enemas for the last 6 months.

emma3After evaluating Emma we found that her S2 (Sacrum or tailbone) was subluxated or malaligned causing pressure to the pelvic nerve. We adjusted her for two weeks and her body finally found balance, resulting in no more constipation! Emma's skin tone, attitude and energy have all improved dramatically. She has been under our care for a few months and is achieving amazing results. We are honored to be able to help Emma and she is blessed to have open-minded parents that were willing to step out and try something new.

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