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Do you know a child who suffers from recurrent ear infections? By age two, 66% of children withstand at least one episode of middle ear infection, or acute otitis media (ADM).

ADM is usually a complication of an upper respiratory infection. During a cold or flu, bacteria may infiltrate the ear and cause swelling, in turn blocking openings within the ear and inhibiting drainage. As a result, painful inflammation sets in. The lack of drainage is exacerbated by the horizontal orientation of infants' ear canals, which gradually assume a 45-degree angle as children mature.

 by Organic Soul

You have worked hard all year growing vegetables and fruit. And you’ve enjoyed the incredible reward of consuming ultra fresh food grown organically with your own two hands (and the help of a friend or two if you’re lucky). Want to make those rewards stretch even longer?

By Dr. Mercola

You may be one of those people for whom summer is far too brief!

But like it or not, most of you have only a few short months to enjoy the great outdoors in most of the continental U.S. Why waste it battling those pesky summertime insects?

By Jodie Michalak

For those looking to treat a severe sunburn, old-fashioned remedy may not be the first treatment option that comes to mind. There are several medicated sunburn sprays available over the counter, but many have found that these chemicals can be harsh on tender and damaged skin. Often the best cure for a severe sunburn, old-fashioned remedy like oatmeal may do the trick.

We know that the process of cooking vegetables destroys the valuable micronutrients by altering their shape and chemical composition; but is it possible to eat enough raw vegetables to get the nutrition that our body needs? That’s where juicing comes in.