Patients of the Month

Dr. Sharp’s November Patient of the Month

Janel Tatrow

Janel Tatrow“I called Maillette Family Chiropractic when I woke up one morning and couldn’t get up out of bed…My lower back had been sore and I had twinges of pain that would take my breath away when I bent over at the waist, for months. However, like many people, I didn’t do anything about it until I couldn’t function…I didn’t have a very high opinion of chiropractic care even though I personally never saw a chiropractor…My first appointment was thorough and not rushed at all. I received adjustments from Dr. Sharp 2-3 times a week for about three weeks and I could function again. Dr. Sharp is one of my personal cheerleaders in incorporating a new way of thinking to a better, healthier me. I am already reaping the benefits: less headaches, weight loss, stronger muscles, better quality of sleep, and improved energy. I have recommended Dr. Sharp to my friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so…Maillette Family Chiropractic really has a fantastic team.”