Patients of the Month

Dr. Maillette's February Patient of the Month


“Prior to receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Maillette, I was going through life with chronic lower back and nerve pain. In fact, I even received some depressing news from an ER doctor who told me that I would never be able to pick up my child again, let alone, lace up my shoes and go for a run. Well, I have news for you! I am now back to running, playing with my children and doing physical activities that I once was told I couldn’t or shouldn’t do. I am living my life with no restrictions because of the care I received and continue to receive from Dr. Maillette. My life and health have changed for the better, as I no longer experience the constant lower back and nerve pain that I once suffered.

I am a BELIEVER in Maillette Family Chiropractic’s care.”